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Ett VINNOVA-sponsrat projekt
Dnr. 2003-00963, Proj.nr. P23934-1 A

Project description:

The BIOAUTO project describes the set-up and organization of two parallel demonstrators aiming to produce 3D composite prototypes made from renewable resource based fibres, matrices and surface textiles for use in the automotive industry. The constituent materials are reinforcement cellulose fibres; sisal, flax, hemp, wood fibres and a biopolymer matrix; cellulose ester. Surface materials are based on PLA, viscose, cotton, wool, flax etc. The main objective of this work is to explore the possibility of industrially viable applications of renewable resource based materials for the manufacture of a limited and pre-selected number of automotive interior components. The prime considerations for the project are the development of suitable basic materials and appropriate process technologies for achieving the necessary product functionalities fulfilling the technical specifications laid by the automotive manufacturers. The project is sponsored by VINNOVA (Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems) and started mid 2003 and will run for 2,5 years.

Demonstrator A is designed to produce 3D high-density prototypes by using extrusion and injection moulding techniques for applications such as interior panels and covers. Demonstrator B is designed to produce 3D low-density prototypes using web-making techniques such as carding, air-laying, needle-punching followed by compression moulding. These prototypes will find applications as car components where thermal and acoustical insulation is of high priority.

The research activities include development of cellulose fibres with suitable surface and bulk properties, development of suitable biopolymer based matrices and suitable process technology. Special attention is given to enhancement of natural fibre- bio-matrix adhesion, drastic reduction in the moisture sensitivity of cellulose fibres and biopolymers, significant resistance in thermal sensitivity of bio-composites products etc.

Project partners:
Collins & Aikman Automotive Systems AB
Eastman Chemical Company
Fibervisions a/s
Fordons Komponent Gruppen AB
Johnson Controls Sweden AB
Laroche SA
Nordifa AB
Rieter Automotive Sweden
Scania CV AB
Södra Cell AB
Volvo Car Corporation
Volvo Lastvagnar AB
IFP Research
Chalmers University of Technology, dept. of Polymer Technology and Innovative Design
Lund University of Technology, dept. of Design Science




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